Education In Emergencies

Education is critical for all children, but it is especially urgent for the tens of millions of children affected by emergencies, be they man made or natural disasters. Yet, for millions of children affected by disaster and crisis, the right to education remains an unfulfilled promise. For example, approximately 75 million children are out of school worldwide (INEE) and more than half of these children are living in conflict-affected states. Millions more are living in situations affected by natural disasters. Globally the world faces a shortfall of 18 million primary school teachers in the coming decade and the areas most in need of education personnel are countries affected by emergencies and disasters (INEE). More than 3 million school-aged children in Iraq are currently being denied their right to quality education. By the end of this year the number is expected to rise to 3.6 million. Although CAR has been downgraded from an L3 to L2 in may 2015, there is still significant concern for education.

Osman Consulting has long been involved in supporting education in emergencies. From providing the Lead Trainer for Arabic Training of Trainers (ToT), INEE Minimum Standards for Education in Emergencies, Chronic Crises and Early Reconstruction in September 2006 (organised by CARE USA); editing and reviewing the Arabic translation, Training Pack, INEE Minimum Standards for Education in Emergencies, Chronic Crises and Early Reconstruction in December 2006 (organised by IRC USA). In 2012-13, Osman Consulting for example supported mainstreaming DRR in the school curriculum minimise disruption to education during emergencies in Viet Nam (for UNESCO Viet Nam), and worked on a scoping study on non-formal education for Syrian children in Lebanon. More recently providing intensive INEE trainings to have increased capacity of schools, teachers, parents and students to deal with Syrian crisis in Lebanon (for UNRWA/ UNESCO), KRG, Iraq (for UNESCO/ NRC) and Jordan (UNRWA/ UNESCO).

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