Humanitarian Supplies

A significant element of humanitarian disaster management is about humanitarian supplies, but not just anything at any time. The provision of material assistance to refugees, IDPs and persons of concern is fundamental part of an effective, efficient and dignified response. The products provided to populations of concern (refugees, internally displaced, those hosting them) and to ensure that the delivery of assistance is effective and timely regularly changes and evolves to keep up with changing times, understandings of life with dignity, technological development etc. See our 1-pager to introduce our humanitarian supplies services (June 2015).

To support quality response it is about getting items:

  • In the RIGHT place;
  • At the RIGHT time;
  • In the RIGHT quantity;
  • At the RIGHT quality;
  • At the RIGHT price;
  • And with the RIGHT language.

Osman Consulting Ltd is revamping its humanitarian supplies catalogue offering supplies that meet global quality standards at a competitive price as well as being able to provide them anywhere in the world. The standards of the humanitarian products meets or exceeds those standards set by Sphere, UNHCR, ICRC amongst other organisations and are selected based on the unrivalled practical experiences of Moustafa Osman who has spent 20 years working in the field. A selection of humanitarian supplies that Osman Consulting can help you procure:

We have facilitated and/or procured humanitarian supplies for e.g. IHH (Turkey) and Qatar Charity. We are developing a number of turn key solutions in the area of humanitarian supplies, e.g. instead of you having to spend significant time thinking of a list of supplies for e.g. a camp set up post-disaster we will have a set menu for you to order developed based on our years of experience in the humanitarian sector and consultation with relevant stakeholders. We offer procurement and supply chain advisory services and project management to our clients bringing best practices to the humanitarian sector that can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of humanitarian projects.

Our UN Global Market number is: 370194; our DfID Supplier ID: 51778. You can download a one pager on our Supplies Services (Sept 2014) or our Humanitarian Supplies Catalogue (Nov 2014). OC accept and comply with the UN Supplier Code of Conduct.

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