Operational Disaster Management

Operational disaster management can be defined as the organisation and management of resources and responsibilities for dealing with all humanitarian aspects of emergencies, in particular disaster preparedness, disaster response and disaster recovery in order to lessen the impact of disasters. With an increasingly volatile world, from direct and indirect man-made reasons (wars, climate change etc) and natural disasters, the need for disaster management will only increase. Do you need help establishing relief programmes and projects? Or perhaps you need assistance with assessments, ongoing management, or final evaluations? Osman Consulting has a team of experienced specialists (e.g. our founder/ director is a Deployable Civilian Expert [DCE] and member of the DRC Stand-by Member Roster) that can provide the humanitarian services you need, from start to finish. We have a 1-pager to introduce our operational management services.



In June- July 2015 OC implemented a food distribution project in Rakhine State, Myanmar for people affected by internal displacement. It was implemented for four clients, based in three continents. In March 2015 OC implemented a meat distribution project in Rakhine State, Myanmar for people affected by internal displacement. It was implemented for a UK-based NGO who had some leftover Qurbani funds from a Gulf-based donor. In January 2015 OC implemented a winterisation project in Turkey for people affected by the Syria crisis. This project was implemented on behalf of an American and 3 British humanitarian players and supported 5,525 people through distribution of winter clothes and fuel for a number of weeks.



For Human Appeal International, Osman Consulting implemented its Ramadhan distribution in Myanmar/ Burma in Rakhine State. In 2014, OC has again implemented Ramadhan food distributions in Rakhine State, using a conflict sensitive approach, including the different conflict affected communities. This time on behalf of 4 clients, 3 UK based and one France based. OC also implemented Qurbani (October 2014) for a number of UK clients in Rakhine State and we are currently preparing further humanitarian interventions in the region.

arab medical union


In 2013 Osman Consulting implemented a shelter project in Rakhine State for the Arab Medical Union, a charity keen to support those most affected by the recent violence, but were unable to do this directly. The project consisted in providing shelters and learning facilities for 304 families in Rakhine state. These families were uprooted from their community during the unrest in Rakhine state that started in June 2012, and were relocated to camps where they were living in tents. These tents were subject to flooding during the monsoon season, which was a major hazard for the displaced population. The AMU-funded project has notably improved the living conditions by providing raised shelters that will not flood during the wet season, contributing to the well-being of people at the camps. Furthermore, the learning spaces provided will ensure that the children relocated to the camps are able to attend classes and to continue their studies. Moreover, the project was implemented by the local people and in coordination with NGOs and other organisations working in the area. Residents of the camps were hired for the construction work, which increased the local ownership of the project and contributed to enhance ethnic relations. The shelters and learning spaces were officially handed over to the beneficiaries and local authorities by Moustafa Osman (Director of Osman Consulting). We also managed to maintain good relationships with government and local community in Rakhine state.


Where OC focuses on provided complementary capacity and services to existing humanitarian players, we are currently exploring further opportunities in Somalia, a country notoriously challenging due to a number of long-standing complexities. We are not new to Somalia, for example Osman Consulting’s Head of Research project managed an INGO’s humanitarian response during the famine in Somalia in 2012. Also, Osman Consulting implemented a research project on the impacts of counter-terrorism measures on principled humanitarian action, which covered Somalia as a beneficiary country.

Should your organisation be interested in partnering with us in Somalia, do get in touch at info@osmanconsulting.co.uk


The situation in Yemen is deteriorating rapidly, which has led to the UN launching an appeal for $273.7 million to reach 7.5 million people with life-saving assistance and protection in the next three months (April- June 15); current estimates are that about 300,000 people have been displaced. Civilian infrastructure has been destroyed, damaged and disrupted as a result of the fighting, including hospitals, schools and educational institutions, the three main national airports, and at least two bridges. Reports have also been received of damage to local markets, power stations, and water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) infrastructure. As an estimated over 60% of the population required some form of humanitarian aid before the current conflict began, the situation is now critical.

ACAPS news 2-8 September: The health system in Taizz governorate is close to collapse. All public hospitals have closed, and the remaining health facilities are overwhelmed by severely injured people as well as a dengue outbreak. Access remains severely restricted across the country. Hudaydah port, the main entry point for humanitarian supplies in north and central Yemen, remains closed, and road transport from Aden port to northern governorates remains limited.

With four L3 emergencies, Nepal earthquake and many other disasters around the world, this will no doubt stretch many organisation’s resources. This is where OC steps in: providing ad hocadditional capacity, filling gaps to enable clients to assist in helping those suffering under this humanitarian crisis. OC currently have supplies in the area ready for immediate deployment, along with experience operating in and supplying to conflict affected areas. Therefore, if you are struggling to source supplies and gain access for them into the country, do get in touch with us to see how we can be of assistance. For an idea of the types of supplies we source, see our humanitarian supplies catalogue.


OC has been working in Myanmar for a number of years. repairing shelter, implementing RamadanQurbaniflood response.

Although Seasonal projects (Ramadan and Qurbani) are not disaster related per se as they are implemented at set times in the Islamic calendar instead of at times of most humanitarian need, there are significant overlaps as regards the logistical complexities (e.g. sensitive timing), and eligible beneficiaries (e.g. those most in need, those often most inaccessible)

For enquiries (e.g. for any shared assessment or guidance), contact:opermngt@osmanconsulting.co.uk 

For supplies contact: supplies@osmanconsulting.co.uk

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