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Emergency Response: Ramadan 2021, Food Distribution Programme

Updated: May 24, 2021

The number of people suffering from food insecurity and hunger around the world continues to rise, with over 690 million people affected due to conflict, climate change and economic instability. The devastating spread of Covid-19 over the past year has exacerbated this crisis even further, leading to the unspeakable levels of hunger we see today.

In response to this ongoing and deteriorating food crisis, Osman Consulting (OC) launched a Ramadan food distribution programme across seven countries, on behalf of numerous donor organisations.

Through the support of our dedicated donors, OC has distributed a total of 3,066 food parcels across some of the poorest and most crisis-affected parts of the world, including Yemen (1,359), Pakistan (445), Somalia (400), Syria (362), Sudan (250), Myanmar (125) and Bangladesh (125).

Across all seven countries, OC adhered to SPHERE guidelines, providing food parcels sufficient to feed an average household in each country for one month, with at least 2,100 calories per person per day. Food parcel items were selected in accordance with guidelines from the World Food Program and Food Security & Livelihood country clusters, providing beneficiaries with basic essentials including staple carbohydrates, oil, sugar and salt, as well as additional items including protein, vegetables, fruit, and tea. These items were contextualised for each country, therefore providing both nutritious and culturally appropriate food for beneficiaries.

By following a strict beneficiary selection process, OC ensured that the most vulnerable have been reached, including internally displaced people (IDPs), female-headed households, and those suffering from disability or chronic illness. With all distributions now complete or nearing completion, Osman Consulting has been able to reach close to 20,000 people.

Looking ahead, OC will be implementing long-term food security interventions on behalf of our donors to continue to alleviate suffering and food insecurity around the world by providing meaningful and sustainable support to those most in need.

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