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Osman Consulting is a UK-based, English- and Arabic-speaking consultancy specialising in humanitarian and stabilisation work across Asia, the Middle East and North Africa. 


We combine practical knowledge, technical expertise and private sector skills with a humanitarian foundation and deep cultural and contextual understanding. We have unrivalled networks of multi-disciplinary professionals in the countries in which we operate, allowing us to deliver a range of services rapidly, flexibly and economically, and ensuring our work is grounded in community participation and local legitimacy. 


Osman Consulting was founded by Moustafa Osman, a humanitarian and stabilisation expert with experience in over 60 countries and visiting Lecturer of Disaster Management at the University of Birmingham (formerly at Queen's University Belfast). We comprise a small UK-based staff, an international pool of expert associates and teams on the ground. We have registered offices in Turkey, Pakistan, Tunisia, Egypt and Libya.


Osman Consulting has been growing ever since Moustafa Osman started working as an independent consultant in emergency relief and humanitarian assistance. We have been registered as a limited company in the UK since 2013 and we have seen our range of services expand to include stabilisation and post-conflict reconstruction. Our growth has been based on our expertise and reach, including to inaccessible locations and harsh environments across the globe.

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