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Osman Consulting delivers post-conflict stabilisation services – most notably in Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Libya - deploying our capability in project management, training and capacity building, M&E and research. Our extensive networks in inaccessible locations enable us to act urgently when and where required, making the most of emerging prospects for stabilisation and peacebuilding and responding flexibility as needs evolve.


We have a deep and nuanced understanding of risk management and conflict sensitivity in fragile and conflict-affected locations. Our approach is collaborative and community-based as we believe that solutions shaped and owned by the people they will affect are more likely to endure and evolve, preventing communities slipping back into conflict and promoting long term stability. 


What we do:

Restoring basic infrastructure and services such as water, sanitation, electricity, legal processes, land ownership and access to jobs to enable people to rebuild their lives and communities. 


Community mobilisation, economic empowerment and job creation schemes to kick-start local economies and build trust.


Capacity building for local authorities, city councils, NGOs and civil society organisations and providing training, policy development and organisation/business development to help them restore vital services and re-establish communities. 


Monitoring and evaluation of stabilisation programmes and stabilisation research using our networks of data collectors for accurate, up to date and reliable information. 


Examples of our stabilisation work:

  • Third-Party monitoring in northern Syria, 2017 – 2020: of Health, Education, Governance and Security projects, conducting cross-border monitoring to support the programme’s own remote monitoring.


  • Third-Party evaluation of reconstruction in Iraq, 2017: Through field visits to Northern Iraq we evaluated the reconstruction of Qaraqosh and Bartella in the Ninevah Plains, assessing progress and making recommendations for future programmes. 


  • Good governance for Syrian local councils, 2017: We developed tailored training plans. trained and mentored selected Syrian Council members in Turkey on good governance, and trained trainers to deliver the programme inside Syria. 


  • Support to Syria Assistance Coordination Unit (ACU), 2016/17: on behalf of the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, we supported ACU to develop a sustainable funding strategy and build its capacity to generate revenue and grants.

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