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Osman Consulting provide temporary or ad-hoc operational capacity for organisations, supporting or managing activities across all stages of the project cycle, and delivering tailor-made one-off or longer-term relief and recovery programmes. We therefore reduce an organisation’s need to set-up infrastructure in a country they may have limited ground-level access to. OC navigate the complexity of politically unstable and high-pressure humanitarian environments to deliver immediate community resilience, and long-term sustainability and empowerment.


Our services incorporate:

  • Conducting needs and resource assessments

  • Project and partner identification

  • Project design and proposal writing tailored to beneficiary needs, donor requirements and the implementing partners’ wishes

  • Stakeholder analysis and mapping

  • Project implementation

  • Monitoring and evaluation

  • Logistical support across the project life span


Osman Consulting are also experts in the procurement of humanitarian supplies including pharmaceuticals, shelter items, non-food items and community supplies such as emergency schools.


Please get in touch to discuss your operational needs with us.



Safeguarding - MENA Region, 2021

Ongoing zero-hunger project implementation across Yemen, Zero-Hunger, Somalia, Sudan, Nigeria, Pakistan, & Myanmar.

Food security project on behalf of partners.


Empowerment - Somalia, 2021

FSL Ramadan project implementation and income generation projects.


Resilience - Yemen and Myanmar, Annual

Yearly food distribution.


Sustainability - Libya, 2019-2020

Management of medical intervention in Murzuq and Ubari, implemented in partnership with a local organisation, STACO, in response to the health emergency.

The project involved distributing emergency medication, training local medical staff and running awareness-raising sessions to help alleviate the crisis.


Resilience - Iraq, 2015

Providing durable shelters and other non-food items for Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) in Iraq’s Northern Governorates, in response to the rapid advance of armed opposition groups into Iraq during 2014.


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