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Core Humanitarian Standard (CHS) Training in Tripoli, Libya

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

(August 2019)

Osman Consulting conducted a number of trainings in Libya as part of our capacity building in the Middle East.

CHS training was delivered on 17th and 18th August, in Tripoli, in cooperation with the WFP and STACO . It was conducted in Arabic by Moustafa Osman and Hassan Al Sabeh.

The 24 participants came from all over Libya, representing Tripoli, Sabha, Al Katrun, Al Riyayna, Zelten, Al Zawiya, Raqdalin, Awbari and Ghat. Many of them work in the distribution teams with WFP and STACO; there were also two local council representatives and two school principals.

The training focused on improving the quality and accountability of humanitarian action and covered important humanitarian principles; the nine commitments of the CHS; how to apply them to improve humanitarian response; and how to make them relevant and useful in one’s own context.

The attendees left the training equipped to identify and develop good practices in their own work, and to act as leaders in disseminating their understanding of the CHS and achieving high standards of delivery.

Lead trainer Moustafa observed that the training had come at a crucial time, in which many Libyans are fleeing their homes to escape the conflict around the capital and in the South.

Osman Consulting would like to give great thanks to CHS, STACO, WFP, and to all those who participated. We look forward to conducting further training in Libya and to continuing to expand our knowledge of, network and presence in the country.

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