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OC as Guest Speakers at University of Birmingham International Development Society Event

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

(March 2018)

Osman Consulting’s director, Moustafa, was invited to share his expertise at the University of Birmingham’s first International Development Society event which focused on careers in the international development sector.

The event also hosted the Internship Manager of Humanitarian Academy for Development, Ali Al-Rowni as well as some Islamic Relief Worldwide staff who had graduated from the internship programme into permanent positions.

Moustafa’s remarks focused on key questions that students or those interested in international development must ask themselves before entering the field. By highlighting the necessary skills and attributes of an aid worker, he gave students an insight into what it is like to work in the field and overcome obstacles while on a project abroad.

The postgraduate students were keen to explore how their studies could help meet their future aspirations, and how best to adapt their experiences to prepare for future roles in the humanitarian and international development field.

Osman Consulting sees a duty of care to the humanitarian sector and to those who enter into working in it, to give best advice and share experience for the benefit of employees and beneficiaries. It does this through ongoing engagement with students and centres of education.

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