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OC holds talks with WASH Sector Coordinator for Rohingya mega camp in Cox’s Bazar

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

(February 2018)

Osman Consulting held a meeting on the 21st February 2018 with the WASH Sector Coordinator for the (Rohingya) Mega camp at Cox’s Bazar, to report on the Winterisation project they had just implemented for Baitulmaal. The meeting also focused on identifying areas that need immediate attention from the NGO community.

Baitulmaal through Osman Consulting have distributed 15,000 Winterisation kits for Rohingya beneficiaries in the Ukhia Upazila mega camp, for recently arrived refugees fleeing violence in the Rakhine state.

The WASH cluster lead highlighted that

Since 26th August 2017, the camp’s basic needs have been met, yet quality is not up to standard”.

Improving the quality of service is now the priority of the cluster and the 51 organisations addressing this crisis. Three main areas were highlighted where NGO’s can immediately contribute towards improving the overall quality of service for Rohingya beneficiaries:

  1. Hygiene Promotion

  2. Water Infrastructure/Water treatment

  3. Human Sludge Management

The camp is proving very challenging for NGO’s and international organisations due to the ever-growing influx of people in a very limited space.

Osman Consulting is working with many NGO’s on WASH, Shelter, Emergency and Ramadan projects and would be happy to discuss how your project can fill in gaps at the mega camp in Cox’s Bazar; please email

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