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Sphere for Practitioners Training, Nigeria

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

(October 2017)

Title: Sphere for Practitioners training

Location: Maiduguri, Nigeria

Lead Trainer: Moustafa Osman

Date: 7th Oct- 21st Oct 2017

A mix of 72 participants from various INGOs operating in Nigeria predominantly are attending the 9th Oct- 21st Oct 2017 training course in Maiduguri, North- East Nigeria. The training is hosted by the INGO forum and the participants represent a variety of stakeholders, such as programme officers from various INGOs members including Christian Aid, ACTED, DRC, NRC among others. The course focused on the application of Sphere standards throughout the project management cycle and the disaster management cycle.

Moustafa Osman, the lead trainer for this course, has designed the training with the aim to enable humanitarian practitioners to apply Sphere minimum standards in day to day professional life. The training encourages the participants to think creatively and utilises contemporary adult learning methodologies including interactive lectures, group work, case studies and presentations. Moustafa emphasises that his training is designed to help humanitarian agencies and their teams gain the knowledge and practical skills necessary to apply the Sphere handbook. “It is about blending theory with practice in harmony for better humanitarian response”, said Moustafa.

“This training has impacted a lot. I personally believe that all the participants in the training have also gained a lot. If you understand how different actors are involved in the field and apply the tools, all of us will be able to reach and apply the global best practice. Being part of this workshop has added value to my programming, as well as looking at coordination in looking at best approach in implementation. I recommend we should not just end here, it should be done annually to get all actors in humanitarian sector to the level they should be at”, said one participant.

“Honestly, I didn’t know Sphere could be this useful in monitoring and evaluation. In fact, if you look at my application form, there were so many objectives, so many of my expectations and I tell you all my expectations have been met in this workshop and I am very excited to be a part of this training”, added another participant.

In addition to enriching participants’ knowledge of the Sphere handbook and building their practical skill set, Moustafa Osman hopes that the Sphere for Practitioners’ workshops will improve the effectiveness and efficiency of humanitarian work and response in Nigeria.

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