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Delivering Humanitarian Aid to Gaza: Our Approach

The attacks carried out by the Hamas on Israel on October 7th triggered a new armed conflict in Gaza, setting the stage for an intensifying humanitarian crisis in Gaza. While food security had already reached concerning levels prior to that, the resurgence of the conflict resulted in the closure of mills, damage to infrastructure, and restricted access to essential supplies. Collectively, these factors led to a depletion of existing food stocks, and nearly the whole population needs food assistance. As the crisis deepens, challenges in aid distribution further exacerbate the situation and aid struggles to reach critical areas, including Gaza City and Deir al-Balah. The needs extend beyond food assistance to the provision of medical supplies due to the increase in contagious disease and high number of injuries.

We at Osman Consulting are currently working on providing immediate relief to the population in Gaza by addressing their urgent nutrition and medical needs. Using the official channel created by the Egyptian authorities, we are navigating this complex situation by collaborating with the Egyptian Red Crescent Society and local civil society organizations. These organizations are transporting items by truck to the Rafah crossing on our behalf. Upon reaching Gaza, the items are transferred to the Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS), designated distributor of food assistance and medical supplies. This strategic collaboration and meticulous planning ensure the safe and efficient delivery of aid through the most secure and credible channels in accordance with established agreements and protocols.

The parcels of food and essential medical items are carefully curated to account for both needs and cultural acceptability. The parcels include bottles of mineral water, packages of semi-dry dates, cans of beef, packs of molasses, cans of fava beans, and feta and milk bottles. These items are chosen in accordance with international standards, addressing requirements for hydration, nutrition, protein, and essential nutrients. The medical equipment delivered to Gaza are also carefully selected to ensure that they address the immediate needs of clinics and hospitals, thereby ensuring adapted healthcare provision to the inhabitants of the Gaza Strip.

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