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Education Conference in Damascus, Syria

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Osman Consulting director Moustafa Osman has been in Damascus, Syria, attending and participating in the UNESCO conference on Education in emergencies and transitional contexts. The conference will serve as a vital part of the discussion on how to meet educational needs in Syria and how to put in place a context-sensitive approach to education.

Moustafa has found the days in Syria insightful and very interesting. As part of the conference he has given a lecture which was very well received by those attending. His experience in educational programming in emergency, conflict and post-conflict or transitional contexts is extensive, and Osman Consulting’s close familiarity of the situation in Syria has meant that taking part in the conference has been highly rewarding and constructive.

Overall, OC have been grateful for the chance to contribute to the development of an approach to education in transition in the Syrian context. It has been an informative, engaging and successful few days.

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