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Osman Consulting at COP26!

Osman Consulting attended the COP26 conference in Glasgow over the two days of the World Leaders Summit, Monday November 1st and Tuesday November 2nd 2021. The conference was a chance to discuss the global climate risk assessment framework with our partners, and how improved digital data collection materials can measure impact on the most vulnerable beneficiaries. In all of our projects Osman Consulting conduct environmental impact assessments, whilst also minimising negative externalities through our ‘do not harm’ approach.

An example of our most recent implementation is a Zero Hunger Project which includes promoting self-sufficiency through a home garden sustainability component. We seek to develop community-led solutions across all our implementations, and integrate climate change awareness at the ground level to ensure our programmes remain relevant to vulnerable beneficiaries. The COP26 acted as an invaluable opportunity to meet with large humanitarian and governmental organisations to help refine this framework as climate risk is exacerbated across the MENA region. We are excited to continue supporting the development of a global consensus to tackle climate change, primarily through centralising the most politically unstable communities in our recommendations to stakeholders.

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