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Osman Consulting Responding to COVID-19

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

In light of the recent Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Osman Consulting has begun mobilising to respond to the needs of those who are most vulnerable across refugee camps in Yemen, Lebanon and Syria. Osman Consulting has a long history of providing specialist procurement, capability building trainings and humanitarian and health assistance to those who require it most. OC is also uniquely placed to help respond to the COVID-19 pandemic due to our teams placed within Lebanon, Syria and Yemen, as well as the intimate understanding we have of the local context.

Some of the key services we aim to provide include:

Online training workshops:

  • Our teams consist of master trainers who are experienced in delivering tailored online training courses in disaster management, education in emergencies and nutrition in emergencies.

  • These workshops will be delivered using interactive learning via online platforms to help ensure the safety and wellbeing of the users.

Distribution expertise:

  • We will conduct needs assessments to help better inform food delivery distribution activities.

  • We also have experience in carrying out information campaigns, engaging with stakeholders and performing monitoring and spot checks exercises.

  • Through the application of an Age, Gender and Diversity (AGD) approach, we seek to ensure that all individuals in affected communities have access to their rights on an equal footing.


  • The research we have conducted includes carrying out detailed literature reviews on all the information that is currently available.

  • Data is at the cornerstone when it comes to measuring the success project. At OC, we understand the value of data and are experts in designing data collection tools and carrying out data verification and cleansing to ensure its validity.

Project management:

  • In order to identify those people who are essential to the project’s success, we will be carrying out stakeholder analysis and mapping to win support for our projects.

  • Needs and resource assessment will also be carried out in the target area to help recognise the most prevalent risks, vulnerabilities, and to identify which resources are available.

  • We also offer tailored project design, proposal writing and implementation services.


  • Our long history of providing humanitarian assistance in disaster situations across the Middle East provides us with an intimate contextual knowledge and understanding of the region.

  • We have also fostered strong relationships with local organisations, community leaders and stakeholders.

  • This allows us to access to remote and inaccessible locations as well as hostile areas.


  • Our innate knowledge and understanding of local cultural context, political dynamics and economy have allowed us to develop a better understanding of cultural and vulnerability sensitivity.

  • Thus enabling us to tailor our services so that they meet acceptability within local communities, tribes and organisations.

To learn more about the services we are providing or to contact us:


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