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Emergency Response: Syria Winterisation Programme

Updated: May 24, 2021

This winter, Osman Consulting (OC) have managed a winterisation programme to deliver essential humanitarian aid to vulnerable people in Idleb governorate, in North West Syria. OC’s field team conducted a needs assessment in order to provide resources that families needed the most, resulting in the distribution of winterisation kits (winter clothing) and heaters and coal.

The ongoing war in Syria has left millions of people in need of ongoing support, many of whom have left their homes to seek safety. This leaves families with very few belongings, rendering them extremely vulnerable during the winter when temperatures often fall below zero. This winter, the situation has been exacerbated by COVID-19, not only placing people at risk of contracting and possibly dying from the disease, but also reducing many people’s ability to find work due to lockdown measures.

Winterisation Kits

OC distributed winterisation kits to 100 families in the communities of Nahlaia and Korien. The kits included blankets and winter clothing (including jackets, pyjamas, thermals, scarves and gloves), helping to protect people against cold weather illnesses.

Heaters and Coal

Heaters and coal were distributed to 100 families across Ram Hamdan and Iskat, where the majority of houses have no access to any form of heating. OC provided families with high quality products – heaters were designed to ensure that fumes were emitted outside of their house, and coal was very high quality, allowing it to burn slower, minimising the negative environmental effects. Families were provided with enough coal to last the entire winter, therefore protecting them against the harshest conditions and ensuring their ongoing health.

Osman Consulting will continue to provide humanitarian and stabilisation expertise to the NGO community to serve those most in need in Syria and beyond.

Watch the video below for more about the project

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