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Emergency Response: Winterisation, Yemen 2020-21

Updated: May 24, 2021

This winter, Osman Consulting implemented a winterisation project for vulnerable people in Yemen, on behalf of its business partners.

Covid-19 has increased the urgency of existing needs, impacting vulnerable groups the most and placing their health and livelihoods at higher risk. This winter brought further challenges to the people in Yemen especially in the mountainous regions of the North, which suffer from heavy rain and extremely cold weather.

Following flash floods and the ongoing conflict, many have lost their homes completely. Families were in dire need of essential items such as blankets, winter clothing and food parcels during the harshest winter months to help them survive the winter and provide hope for the future.

OC distributed 374 winterisation kits to selected families in Amran and Sana’a governorates. The kits contained blankets and winter clothing (including jackets, gloves, hats and socks), helping to protect people against cold weather.

Acting on the ongoing and worsening food crisis in Yemen, OC also prioritised urgent food assistance to those most in need, alleviating the food insecurity of selected beneficiaries in Amran, Sana’a and Hodeidah governorates. 624 food parcels were distributed each providing 1 family with 1 month of essential food items including flour, rice, sugar, oil, beans, powdered milk, tuna, tea and tomato paste.

OC’s winterisation programme in Yemen therefore provided the most vulnerable beneficiaries with the essential shelter and food items they needed to survive the winter.

Osman Consulting will continue to provide humanitarian and stabilisation expertise to the NGO community to help those most in need across Yemen and all other countries in which we operate.

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